But who am I to make such a bold claim?

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  • But what if I told you I get that traffic for free?!

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    Jason Potash
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    “Impressive stuff. Will have to keep paying attention to you.”
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    - Mike Koenigs

    You too can bypass Google Adwords & dominate your niche with free, natural search traffic!

    Video Preview
    Introducing the SEO method. The step-by-step, 3 part, video training my outsourcers followed to get #1 positions for 583 of my own domains (click here to download the videos). Here’s what they cover…

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    Video 1: “How Search Engines Work” - 1 hour 13 mins

    • The secret to reverse-engineer the Google algorithm to out-rank your competition
    • How to rank for keywords without optimizing for them
    • How ‘long’ your ‘long-tail’ keywords should be for maximum profits
    • Key strategies for using external links to drive your ranking higher
    • Why ‘flashy’ websites don’t get rankings
    • How to copy-cat natural search, giving the search engines exactly what they are looking for
    • How to become a high-quality links factory
    • Where to place your keywords so Google knows exactly what it must rank you for
    • How to guarantee Google finds and indexes your website
    • How to position yourself in the ‘buying cycle’ so your websites are seen by red-hot buyers, not tyre-kickers

    Video 2: “On and Off Page Optimization” - 1 hour 13 mins

    • How to analyze competing websites and use this data to beat them at their own game
    • The single most important element when optimizing a webpage
    • The best way to research keywords
    • The secret to ‘hooking’ your prospects, ensuring they click through
    • How to use Amazon’s intelligence to find out what your searchers are buying
    • What the correct keyword density is, to maximize your ranking without getting your sites banned
    • How to craft the body of your website content (title tags, meta descriptions, meta kewords, etc.) to attract the search engines
    • The difference between link ‘reputation’ and link ‘popularity’ and how to use each to rank your site #1
    • The quickest, best and easiest way to get high-value external links to your site

    Video 3: “Putting it all together” - 44 mins

    • How to best use articles to begin the ranking process
    • How to get high-quality articles written cheaply
    • Blog networks - what are they and should you use them?
    • Directories - how many submissions are optimal and which directories are best?
    • Web 2.0 – are these sites overrated?
    • Web video – learn how to use the 2nd largest engine to gain competitive rankings with ease
    • Social bookmarking – the secret to turbo-charge indexing
    • How to focus on only those links that really count
    • The quickest and easiest way to build your ‘feeder site’ network

    So how much do these videos cost?

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    Why so cheap?

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    Brian McAboy - www.insideouttrading.com

    - David Dutton - www.CloseBiggerDeals.com

    - Ryan Malone - affordable-seo-package.net

    Landdon Wiggs

    - Landdon Wiggs

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    - Krishna - Warrior Forum Member

    Jill Carpenter
    "Excellent series. While none of what was discussed is new to me, Dave and his command of the whiteboard and marker gives an extremely clear picture of how to create a very natural and organic feel to the ranking of the site in a systematic way.

    Video 3 really laid it out for me.

    Looking forward to implementing and getting that #1 spot for myself and my clients.


    - Jill Carpenter - Warrior War Room Member - USA

    These videos are well worth the price."

    John Rodriguez - HyperActive Warrior Forum Member - New York, USA

    Fran C
    "This took some time to review with three long videos to watch and I really am impressed!

    3. The Seo Method ( 44 minutes of over the top information on 'How to Rank')

    Fran C - Seattle, USA - www.ApprenticeMarketerGazette.com

    Crew Chief - Warrior Member

    Adam Jackson - HyperActive Warrior Forum Member - USA

    Andy Smith - Active Warrior Forum Member - Spain

    At this price it is massively overdelivering."

    Fraser - www.MyNetWedding.com - United Kingdom

    Owen Mailer
    "i will say to anyone you need to be serious about seo for this one as david said this will not happen over night!! however if you follow the steps he has shown as i have started you will see massive benifits in the end.

    Owen Mailer - www.owenmailer.com

    "Got the product and it's well worth the money. This product could easily be priced for a lot more money and still be worth every penny!

    Thanks David for a great product at an unreal price!

    I Highly Recommend this to anyone that is wanting SEO results and a solid system!"

    Brett - Active Warrior Forum Member - BC Canada

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    Leon Williams

    Dassana Jayalath - www.internetbiziq.com

    "You are a natural! That's It..

    It can never be said better.

    Your lesson was very helpful and have shared the link to a few friends selling products online.

    God Bless!"

    Mike Ndegwa - www.superprofitsmedia.info

    Ken Morgan

    Good stuff."

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    "Great Stuff david !!
    Thanks a lot. Very clear instructions."

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    Dawei Fan - www.dublin-personal-trainer

    Jeik Savage

    Now I'm really impressed..."

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    "this is awesome - and it's great to see a fellow Australian doing this stuff so well.

    Thanks for an awesome video."

    Lesley Komlos - www.linxhurricane.com

    "AWESOME job! I made a mindmap of everything you said on the video. Step by step."

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